Insurance Claims

Our team has a vast knowledge of both the roofing business and how to navigate insurance claims. We will work with you and your insurance company to determine whether your roof will qualify for a paid replacement at no cost to you, other than your deductible if your roof is approved. Tough As Nails will represent you every step of the way from filing the claim, to meeting the insurance adjuster and to getting your roof replaced. 

Can you help me file a claim through my insurance? Absolutely! That is one major advantage to working with Tough As Nails Roofing Contractors. We partner with a Public Adjuster who will represent you and your home throughout the claims process, ensuring that you get what you rightfully deserve out of the claims process. 

What are the benefits of working with a Public Adjuster? When homeowners file a claim with their insurance company for property loss, the insurance company will send out an adjuster from their staff to inspect the loss or damage to determine if the homeowner qualifies for any sort of compensation. It is important to remember that this adjuster works for the insurance company, so has their best interest in mind, not yours. A Public Adjuster is here to represent YOU, the policyholder, to make sure that you are represented appropriately and that your claim is settled fairly. Not only does this save the homeowner time, but also helps to come to a fair and fast resolution with your insurance company.

Do I need to pay my deductible? Yes, It is a Georgia State Law that each and every homeowner must pay their deductible.

Your deductible is a pre-set amount that was determined when you acquired your homeowners insurance. Senate Bill 38 states that it is illegal (felony) for any contractor to cover/waive or adjust any pricing to relieve you from paying your deductible.

It is also illegal for a contractor to ever offer or mention “not paying your deductible.”

Tough As Nails is an honest company, built on honest values, therefore we will not cover your deductible or participate in any form of deception that would cause you to not pay your deductible.

Signs You Need to File a Claim

Client Testimonials

I am thrilled with my new roof and it couldn’t have been replaced at a better time. Wes McClure was the perfect person to coordinate the project and see it through to competition. Everything happened just as he said it would. He updated the roofing vents and brought the new roof up to code.

Francesca S.

I worked with Josh Walker on a full roof replacement and he was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the insurance claim process. He was able to find enough damage to have insurance cover the cost of my whole roof with the exception of my deductible. I was very happy with the work that he and his team did and would highly recommend working with him for your roofing needs!

Brian T.

Wes McClure was our rep that assisted us. He managed the entire process, including working with our Insurance Company to get the roof work approved. He went above and beyond!

Jay S.

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